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Water Damage Restoration

Once the water has been cleaned up from your property, it is time to restore it to its pre-loss condition. Our methods are certified by the IICRC and proven effective in saving your property from the aftermath of water and sewage damage.

If you have experienced a water damage emergency, please contact us right away. Every minute matters with water damage. Call us anytime at (562) 273-9449. Or, read on to learn more about our water damage restoration services.

Drying and Dehumidification Services
Small cases of water damage on breathable surfaces may be able to dry on their own. However, when a large amount of water has spilled on your carpets, walls, ceilings, concrete slabs, upholstery, etc., you will need professional equipment to speed up the drying process. This is vital to make sure that mold does not start to grow on your property.

We dry your property by bringing in air movers which act like large fans to evaporate water from surfaces. We have hundreds of air movers in our warehouse and are ready for even the largest of jobs. Humidity levels must be controlled, and this is done with professional-grade dehumidifiers which are set up around the property as-needed. The moisture levels in the air are checked regularly to ensure that humidity levels don’t allow for mold growth. We are able to bring in external power sources when necessary.

Damage Removal and Disposal
Our goal is always to save your valuable property, but this isn’t always possible, especially in cases of sewage or other Black Water damage or when mold growth has started. As part of our water damage restoration services, we will remove damaged drywall, carpeting, etc. so your home or business is prepped for renovation. All damage removal is done in accordance with insurance policy rules, such as making sure the adjuster approves the costs beforehand or damaged items are saved so the adjuster can inspect them. As licensed general contractors in California, we always work hard to keep your property clean and orderly during the damage restoration process.

Content Pack Out Services
In severe cases of water damage, it is often necessary to remove belongings from the damaged area so it can be cleaned and restored. We offer content pack out services. Our technicians handle all of your belongings carefully, pack them safely, and transport them to a facility which is secured. You may go to this facility whenever you wish to access your belongings. When your home or business is ready, we can see that your belongings are brought back and put in their proper places.

Insurance Claim Assistance
Most types of water damage that we see are covered by homeowners insurance. If you are not sure about whether your insurance policy covers your situation, we will gladly look over the policy with you. If you will be filing a claim, we are ready to provide assistance by taking reports and photos which can be used as part of the claim. Our technicians will also meet with the insurance adjuster so damages can be explained in detail.

Start the restoration process now. We are available 24/7. Call us now at (562) 273-9449.

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