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Sewage and Black Water

Sewer mains are hidden beneath the property line, so problems to the main often go unnoticed until it is too late. Don’t panic if you have experienced a sewage backup or other type of black water disaster. Call in the experts at Rossmoor Restoration and we will restore your property.

Our operators are standing by 24 hours a day. Call us now to have licensed experts at your door within 30 minutes.

What is Black Water?
“Black water” is the term used to describe any type of Category 3 water damage situation where the water is considered to be grossly unsanitary. One of the most common causes of black water damage is sewage backups, such as from a broken or clogged sewer main. This type of damage is most common in basements, but sewage can also back up into other areas of your home as well. We’ve also dealt with many other types of black water, including from toilet overflows, storm water, and flood water which has bacterial growths in it.

What to Do After Black Water Damage
Please be advised that black water is incredibly hazardous to your health. Not only can it cause sickness from contact, but some pathogens can even get into the air. Never touch or walk through an area with black water damage unless it is absolutely necessary, and only then do it while wearing protective gear (gloves, waterproof boots, etc.). The best thing you can do after black water damage is to call for professional cleanup services ASAP.

If the black water damage is at risk of spreading to other areas of your property, you can take some steps to contain the water. For example, you may put down newspapers or rags to soak up dirty water so it won’t spread.

Turn off your central air after black water damage so pathogens don’t get sucked into the vents and circulated throughout your home.

If you are experiencing a sewage damage emergency, please contact us right away. Every minute matters with sewage damage. Call us anytime at (562) 273-9449.

Black Water Damage Cleanup
No matter how hopeless the situation seems, sewage and black water can be cleaned up. We use an extraction machine which removes gallons of dirty water in just a matter of seconds. To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we always keep the unsanitary water contained and dispose of it with certified safe methods.

Items which have come in contact with black water must be removed, bagged, and safely disposed of. This includes items like pillows, upholstery, and drywall. If you have a particularly valuable or sentimental item that you want to save from sewage damage, we can advise on you how to proceed so it is saved.

Black Water Damage Restoration
Restoring your home from the effects of black water require a methodical approach to ensure all surfaces and belongings are safe and sanitary. Items which were not discarded, such as slab or hardwood flooring, will need to be treated with antimicrobial agents and mildicides are applied to prevent mold growth. After complete sanitization, we can seal over surfaces as an additional caution.

The most important step after any case of water damage is drying. Since black water is so grossly unsanitary, it becomes even more important that the site is dried quickly so mold and other pathogens don’t begin growing. We have hundreds of high grade air movers on hand which are brought in to dry surfaces quickly. Dehumidifiers are used to control moisture levels. Using moisture meters and infrared cameras, we check each area of the affected property to make sure no hidden pockets of moisture are left. Only when your property is at safe moisture levels will we call the job done.

Deodorization Services
After Category 3 water damage, the bad smells can linger for weeks or even months. We make sure your home is pleasant to live in by removing these odors. Our deodorization agents kill the source of the odors. Using HEPA air scrubbers, we are able to remove odor particulates from the air. The entire process is completed quickly and uses methods which are safe and hypoallergenic. We do not cover the odors with sprays or perfumes but rather stop what is causing the odors.

Insurance Assistance for Sewage Damage
Sewage backups can cause huge amounts of damage to your property. Unfortunately, these cases of water damage aren’t always covered by homeowners insurance. Usually a separate rider is needed for sewer main or backup problems. If you are covered, do note that homeowners insurance policies will generally not cover “wear and tear” repair costs. So, while it may cover the costs of damages from a broken or clogged sewer main, they will not cover the costs to repair the sewer itself. For this, you will need to contact a licensed plumber.

We work with ALL insurance companies and have services set up specifically to help our customers through the claims process. We will gladly help you go over your policy to make sense of the details, advise you on how to talk with the insurance company, take damage reports and documentation, and also meet with the insurance adjuster.

Don’t wait any longer. Call us now to start cleaning up and restoring your property. (562) 273-9449

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