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Cleaning and Restoration Pros LLC has proudly served New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania since 2009. In that time, we have earned an impeccable reputation for affordability and workmanship. At Cleaning and Restoration Pros, we recognize the value of going above and beyond to earn your loyalty. We also offer a wide range of cleaning and restoration services. Among the most popular of those services is pressure and power washing in NY, NJ, CT and PA.

Commercial Power Washing NY, NJ, CT and PA

Cleaning and Restoration Pros provides a full range of commercial cleaning services, including sealing and power washing NJ. Our most popular power washing CT services are provided to businesses who want to maintain a beautiful storefront or property. Contractors will often hire our power washing PA services because it allows them to leave when the job is done. Then we come in behind them and ensure that everything is power washed and left in a professional manner for the client.

Residential Power Washing NY, NJ, CT and PA

Many homeowners do not realize that power washing plays an important role in the ongoing maintenance of a home. Regular power washing PA can help to prevent many roof and siding problems before they occur, and it ensures a beautiful home. Cleaning and Restoration Pros is the top power washing NY option because we use the latest technology and techniques, including hot water, low pressure and green materials by request. When power washing CT, our goal is to beautify and remove all dirt and mildew but without damaging your siding, molding and roofing.

Power Washing NY, NJ, CT and PA Gutters, Decks & Pavement

In addition to power washing NJ house services, we offer power washing PA for pavement, decks, gutters and downspouts. Power washing CT homes is not complete without also cleaning their major accents. In fact, many homeowners are amazed at the great effect something as simple as power washing gutters and downspouts can have. Power washing NJ decks and pavement can be a slow process, but it is well worth it because it returns to surface to its original beautiful state and helps to preserve it long term.

Versatile Services

Cleaning and Restoration Pros LLC has locations in NY, NJ, CT and PA, and we custom tailor the services to the need of the area. When you hire our power washing NJ service, you can be confident that the service is perfectly suited for New Jersey, and the same is true for our power washing CT, PA and NY services. We also have flexible hours, so when you call for power washing PA services, we can schedule however is never to meet the needs of your business or busy personal schedule.

Our commitment

Cleaning and Restoration Pros LLC is top power washing service in CT, NJ, NY, PA because we use the best techniques and materials. We’re the best power washing service because we’ve earned an impeccable reputation for affordability and attention to detail. We’re the superior power washing service because we offer and unrivaled commitment to customer service. Call us today, and let us develop the perfect power washing plan for your home or business.

69 Responses to Power Washing

  1. c sheroki says:

    do you come to west hartford? Does this cover the washing of a 1200 sq ft colonial with one car garage?

  2. admin says:


  3. Stephen says:

    I would like to get a quote for my house as I think it may be bigger than 1500 sq ft (3 bedroom split-level).

  4. paul lacroix says:

    you have an amazon local deal – $79 for 1500 sq ft. powerwashing – can this be used for a deck, 12X16, 12 steps?

  5. Claire says:

    I have a 2-story home and 2- story detached 2 car garage with siding that needs power washing, zip 11542. How do I determine the square footage, and pricing? I saw your ad for power washing at amazon locals.

  6. debra says:

    I live in carteret 07008, do you work in this area?

  7. Bernice Wileczek says:

    Do you go to Media PA?

  8. Carol Carroll says:

    I have a cape cod style home in Deer Park, no extensions, only a small shed dormer on the 2nd floor for the bathroom. I see you have a groupon for $79. for 1500 SF. Would that be the cost to clean my home?

  9. Jeff Rude says:

    I found you offer on the Amazon local e-mailed to me. We just need the back of the house and gutters pressure washed. This would require working on a latter. Do you do this? Please let me know. Thanks

    P.S. We live in Summit, NJ 07901. Thanks

  10. marilyn says:

    does your power wash include zip code 08065

  11. Brian says:

    Your 1500 sq feet powerwashing $79 deal on Amazon, will that cover a split level that has about 2800 sq feet of interior space?

  12. Kelley says:

    Does the Amazon special include pressure washing siding on the second story? Do you cover 08060 area?

  13. Anna says:

    The 1500 sq feet powerwashing $79 deal on Amazon local, will that cover a wooden deck and a fence? Thank you.

  14. SP says:

    Question about your powers wash deal on Amazon local for $79(Power Washing for up to 1,500 Square Feet)…

    1. I am in zip code 07110 – do you cover this area?
    2. I would like to power wash concrete and wooden fence (6 feet high) around in ground pool. Would you do this, if I buy online $79 deal?


  15. frank says:

    Can the $79 deal on Amazon include patio? Can I include other areas for an additional price? Would need to get an estimate and confirm a schedule. Do you service zip 07417

  16. john says:

    If I purchase your 1500sq ft offer @$79 from Amazon, how much per sq ft is additional footage?

  17. Kevin says:

    I saw an amazon offer for power washing – does your coverage extend to the 19038 Glenside PA area?

  18. Y says:

    Do you service Port Jefferson LI N.Y.?With the 79.00 power washing deal?

  19. Aarti says:

    Hello, I am buying the 1500 sq ft power wash for $79 on amazon local. Do you cover 08857? Does it include patio and deck powerwash?

  20. jeannette corey says:

    I would like to have my white PVC power washed and would like to have my gutters powerwashed, I have a two story house.I was wondering what the $79.00 special would cover or how much it would be to do the gutters too.

  21. Lisa says:

    Does your Amazon power wash coupon include blue stone patio?

  22. Kathy says:

    Do you travel to the 19061 area?

  23. Mia says:

    Saw your amazon local deal for $79…..do you service the 19335 zip code? Also, wondering if you would powerwash a chimney if that was w/in the 1500 sq ft?
    Thank you.

  24. kathy says:

    do you service zip 08053?

  25. Brian Berdy says:

    I have a 3100 sqft 2 story home, will the amazon local deal cover it? If no, what would be the cost adder to cover it?

  26. CHANDA FLOYD says:


  27. Corinn says:

    Do you service 19013?

  28. Namrata says:

    Will you cover the power wash of the interior floor of my 1 car garage with the amazon local deal. I am at zip code 07110

  29. Randee Stolar says:

    Will you service Livingston, NJ 07039.

    Pool Patio approx 2000sf, upper blue stone terrace approx 400sf
    Lower part of paver driveway by garages.

    Possibly gutters around deck…

    Thank you.

  30. Thomas McLaughlin says:

    How much extra above and beyond the 79 dollar offer would a 20 x 30 sf deck be?

  31. David Schwartz says:

    Do you cover the Cherry Hill, NJ area (zip code 08003)?

  32. mingli says:

    if i buy the coupon today, when you can do the power washing service, could you service it in next week? my house is in 08844 nj

  33. Mike says:

    Do you cover 08085

  34. Brian says:

    Is 07728 in your coverage area for power washing and carpet cleaning?

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