Carpets these days are not exactly inexpensive so it is quite essential to have carpet cleaning done professionally on a regular basis. Cleaning and Restoration Pros’ services provide your expensive carpets just the kind of treatment that they deserve. Carpets are quite prone to collecting dirt and grime over time and there is not much you can do at home to avoid the carpets getting damaged through stains, grime or dust. Also, carpets tend to quickly absorb smells and they can become quite malodorous because of food smell. It is important to get them cleaned often since the carpets can otherwise spread unpleasant odor throughout the house and also bring out allergies in people.

Try Our Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Our professional carpet cleaning services are highly effective and can be used at homes or in offices. There are plenty of benefits of using our services”
• Cleaning and Restoration Pros use highly advanced cleaning systems to bring out the beauty of your carpet.
• We provide services like deodorizer, carpet repair and stain removal from your carpets other than cleaning them.
• The equipment and the techniques that we use will make your carpet healthier and cleaner looking;
• We use techniques like hot water extraction, dry cleaning with solvents, dry powder cleaning and shampoo brushing depending on the type of carpet at your home.

Our carpet cleaning techniques and equipment are completely Eco-friendly and safe for homes. Your carpets would be clean, fresh and dry within hours. We do not spare any effort at all while ensuring that our services are completely at par with your expectations.

Taking Care of Your Carpets

Our carpet cleaning services will ensure that your carpets are taken care of efficiently. Carpets are an investment so it is necessary to invest in regular care for the carpet, stain removal, regular vacuuming etc to ensure that the carpet looks as beautiful as new for as long as possible. Cleaning and Restoration Pros is licensed and so there is no risk for you at all. We guarantee our clients complete satisfaction. If, after our carpet cleaning services you face any problems or are not satisfied with the work, we would re-clean the carpet for you quite happily.

For us, the satisfaction of our clients is the most important and therefore we ensure that our carpet cleaning services are high quality and the best possible. Carpet cleaning is a good way to ensure that your carpets are not home to parasites. If you have pets at home, then it would be even more necessary for you to go for regular carpet cleaning. Pets can often harm carpets and leave stains on them which makes it necessary to get them cleaned on a regular basis.

Allow Cleaning and Restoration Pros team to clean your precious carpets with our superior cleaning techniques and equipment. Our carpet cleaning team would ensure that your carpets look beautiful, smell great and are completely healthy and fit for your home or office.

Carpet Stain Removal

Every home owner has to deal with carpet stain removal on a regular basis and this is one of the toughest things to take care of. Owning a carpet is what everybody would want but when it comes to carpet stain removal, it is a task that is not easily accomplished. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners make while trying to get tough stains out is rubbing or scrubbing the strains since this would only bury the stains deeper into the carpet. Stains like grease, rust, kool-aid, plants, pet urine, water, wax, wine, ink or pet stains are very difficult to remove and it is best to contact a professional company like Cleaning and Restoration Pros for carpet stain removal to deal with it the best way possible.

Hard Stains are Difficult to Remove

The reason why so many of our clients contact us for carpet stain removal is because hard stains are tough to remove. You might have tried everything possible at home but it is not possible to fully remove some of the deep-set stains that have set in the carpet over time. Even more, trying to remove stains can sometimes backfire as the stains would only spread if you do not try the right method for carpet stain removal. Most people have at least some experience trying carpet stain removal on their own at home and have had bad experiences with it. For this reason, people think it is better to allow professionals to do their work and use their special cleaning agents and machines to remove the stains.

Removing Stains is Easy for Us

For Cleaning and Restoration Pros, carpet stain removal is an easy job. We use hot water extraction or steam cleaning for dealing with tough stains on your carpet. This method gets the hot water is some of the deepest parts of the carpets which is the best way to remove the stains. The high pressure that we use enables us to suck out the soil and the water out of the carpet. This carpet stain removal process is also helpful since it kills all dust mites, mold, fungus and bacteria that might be residing in your carpet and does not leave any residue.

Cleaning and Restoration Pros is known to be one of the best carpet stain removal companies today and we provide you a complete service and use modern techniques and equipment that allows us to achieve a great success rate for carpet stain removal. We have been able to remove tough damage on carpets due to tar, coffee marks, red wine, chewing gum and water marks. We continue to update the carpet stain removal equipment and techniques that we use regularly so that it would be better suited to the fabric of your carpet. We clean your thickly soiled and stained carpets using our latest equipment and techniques for carpet stain removals.

The fact is, the sooner you bring your carpet to us, the better results you would be able to see. Do not use any of the cleaning agents you find in the superstores which might deteriorate and discolor your carpets.

Sanitizing, Deodorizing and Disinfecting Your Carpet

When you own a carpet at home, just vacuuming it on a regular basis would not be enough. Sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet regularly is also an important part of carpet maintenance. Carpets that have been in use for long would often create several problems like bad odors due to the various smells in the house from pets, tobacco and cigarette smoke and mildew. This in turn would also lead to contamination since it would be the breeding ground for bacteria and plenty of different types of parasites. Living with a carpet like this at home can cause various health problems which is why sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet is very important.

Keep Your Carpets Healthy

Carpet care entails a lot more than you would have thought of. Fortunately, in order to make it easier for you, Cleaning and Restoration Pros provides sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet services. We use the safest and the fastest techniques for sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet so that you would have a healthy environment at home. Pet urine and mildew because of water would not just damage your carpet and the fabric, but it will also cause an unpleasant odor which will linger at home till the carpet is cleaned. The specialists in our team would work fast and would offer you all the help you need for sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet. We would fight efficiently against the unpleasant odors and bacteria and use deodorizers and disinfectants that are environment friendly. These will get quickly evaporated and would ensure that your home smells clean and fresh.

Quick and Efficient Services

We provide quick and efficient services for sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet. Once you contact us, we would visit your home to survey the carpet and check what care it needs. We would determine the nature of damage to your carpet, the bad odor that it might be giving out and assess what the needs would be for sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet. After the evaluation would be done, our specialist team would use some of the best cleaning agents and advanced machines to deal with the issues. We work on every inch of your carpet to ensure that no bacteria or mildew is left on it.

Odor is especially difficult to remove. We have successfully treated this problem in several homes. If you have pets, this might be an even greater problem since dealing with pet odors on carpets is a little tricky. Sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet can be easy if you contact a reputed and efficient company like ours. With the kind of experience that we have in the industry, it becomes possible for us to know what works and what doesn’t work. Rely on our judgment and you would certainly be glad with the results. For sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet, you must only rely on the best cleaning company. Getting help from a company like Cleaning and Restoration Pros for sanitizing, deodorizing and disinfecting your carpet will ensure that your carpet is healthy, looks beautiful and smells nice.

Indoor Air Quality, Allergies and Asthma

A huge part of our population today suffers from asthma and various allergies due to bio-pollution at home. Indoor air quality, allergies and asthma are related in more ways than you might have known. There are many different things that can trigger asthma and allergies so it is important for you to know about a few details which will help you keep these triggers out of your home. Things like dust mites and pollen can affect indoor air quality, allergies and asthma. Fortunately, it is possible for you to take control of the situation and do your best so that this problem would not have to be faced often in the future.

Come Up With a Plan

The first thing that you should do is to contact your regular doctor to come up with a plan for indoor air quality, allergies and asthma. The doctor might suggest a few home maintenance tips, lifestyle changes and even medication. Set up a plan for regular cleaning so that you would not have to worry about indoor air quality, allergies and asthma.

Every home would have dust mites and even though you might not be able to see them, they affect indoor air quality, allergies and asthma in a big way. These are present in our carpets in bedrooms, bedding and pillows. Keep the bedding clean to control these dust mites since the bedrooms are normally a trigger for those with asthma. Indoor air quality, allergies and asthma can be easily handled just with regular cleaning of bedding. Use special covers for the pillows so the dust mites do not enter the pillows and ensure that you use the covers in hot water regularly.

Professional Help for Indoor Air Quality, Allergies and Asthma
You can also rely on professional help for indoor air quality, allergies and asthma. Get your mattresses cleaned regularly through a professional company so that the allergens would be reduced. At home, you should ensure that you wash the sheets and pillow covers every week and rinse them with anti allergens every month to handle indoor air quality, allergies and asthma. Also make use of air filter devices. Do not do the vacuuming yourself if you have an allergy or asthma. Wear masks and goggles while vacuuming. This will take care of the indoor air quality, allergies and asthma for you.

Keeping Your Carpets Clean
Keeping your carpets clean will also help you deal better with indoor air quality, allergies and asthma. If your carpet has been wet or damp for more than a day, it should be professionally cleaned. Get your area rugs, mattresses, upholstery and carpets cleaned professionally on a regular schedule. Vacuum regularly and do not allow it to remain damp for long. Clean light fixtures, ceiling fans, sills and window frames regularly. Indoor air quality, allergies and asthma help is provided by us to all our clients where we ensure that we deal with even some of the most tough, in-depth dust that might have settled deep in your carpets, rugs and upholstery.

Allergies and Asthma

There are quite a lot of people who are allergic and they experience severe symptoms of allergy when they are inside their homes. This is mainly because of bad air quality inside home. Poor air quality can cause allergies and asthma and it is caused because of pollen, chemicals, dust mites, dust, mildew, fungus and mold. Carpets are one of the most likely places where these allergens tend to live, settle and then become trapped. Allergies and asthma can be avoided to a high degree just by ensuring that the carpets are kept clean according to the right guidelines.

Carpets and Various Allergies and Asthma

Carpets and allergies and asthma are related in more ways than you would have thought. Some of the doctors often insist that their allergic patients remove home carpeting since it causes various allergies and asthma problems because of its absorbent nature. However, if carpets are maintained and cleaned properly, they are quite safe for use. If you or anyone in your family suffers from allergies and asthma, then the carpets at home should be cleaned on a more regular basis.

Various Benefits of Keeping Your Carpets Clean

Carpet cleaning can actually remove all the allergens that cause allergies and asthma. This will prevent the development of all types of allergies. Those who have been exposed to carpets with mold for a long time can develop allergies and asthma and they would be more sensitive to mold. These allergies can be prevented by keeping the mold off by getting it professionally cleaned on a regular basis. Regular cleaning will not just make your home healthier, but it will also take care of the unpleasant odor from the carpets as well as make the carpets last longer and look more beautiful.

Contact Us and be Free from Allergies and Asthma

Contact us and we will ensure that your carpets are free from any allergens that cause allergies and asthma. Professional cleaning is quite efficient, even though you might be vacuuming your carpet regularly. Ensure that the vacuum that you use has a HEPA filter. We also provide deep cleaning services for carpets for those who suffer from allergies and asthma. We use vapor steam cleaners and steam cleaning methods for deep cleaning your carpets. The techniques that are used by us remove all particulate matter from the deeper fibers of the carpets which would otherwise not be possible with just vacuuming.

Professional carpet cleaning is quite necessary since we have all the right devices and materials as well as the manpower that would be needed for the job. You would not have to suffer from allergies or asthma any more since we use very high temperature water and vapor to kill all the fungi and mold that might be living in your carpet. We use special powder cleaners as well as cleaning lotions which have been designed so that the particles that have settled deep inside your carpets would be pulled up. Cleaning and Restoration Pros services can make you free of allergies and asthma.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpets at offices and other such commercial spaces tend to suffer the most since these are cleaned with the least regularity. For any company, the image is the most important and with our commercial carpet cleaning services, you would be able to have the best image. Your office needs to look at its best if you want to impress your clients and Cleaning and Restoration Pros commercial carpet cleaning will ensure that your office looks clean and presentable. We understand that you need to have a positive image for your company and for that reason, we provide commercial carpet cleaning services that are quick, efficient and the fastest.

Service that is Fit for Businesses

Cleaning and Restoration Pros commercial carpet cleaning service is fit for businesses. As a business organization, you would want a professional cleaning company that delivers each time. We ensure that there is nothing that is left for you to do once you assign your commercial carpet cleaning job to us. We deliver as per your expectations every single time. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to provide commercial carpet cleaning service that is tailor made for you.

Types of Services that We Provide

Our commercial carpet cleaning service is designed according to your needs. Once you open an account with us, we would provide regular commercial carpet cleaning services, as and when required. We would analyze your work environment on our inspection visit to know how often you would require our services. We would then custom design commercial carpet cleaning services for your business and an upkeep maintenance program that will keep your work place clean and healthy.

We make use of modern equipment and high quality cleaning solutions so that your carpets would be perfectly cleaned. The techniques that we use for commercial carpet cleaning are highly advanced so that they provide perfect services. Our rates are quite competitive and we ensure that we provide you the best value for your money. One of the best things about our commercial carpet cleaning is that it will provide you a lot of cost saving since your carpets would last longer. Businesses always value cost savings since it is important for their profitability.

Contact our commercial carpet cleaning services today and we would be happy to design a special cleaning program for your office. We ensure that you would derive full satisfaction from our services, each and every time. We would be glad to submit a quote for our commercial carpet cleaning to you free of cost.

We are prompt with our communications so that you have to waste no time at all getting in touch with us. We are an insured and licensed company that considers its clients quite valuable. We make sure that our carpet cleaning services are regularly updated so that you can benefit from some of the latest advances and the newest technology. With Cleaning and Restoration Pros services, you would find it easy to keep your office looking clean, presentable, risk free and provide a healthy work environment to your employees.

Carpet Installation

Carpet installation is a tough job and we are the experts when it comes to maintenance and installation of carpets and flooring. Trying carpet installation on your own would often bring out a few problems that you might not ready to deal with. Cleaning and Restoration Pros uses some of the best tools and one of the best teams for carpet installation that will ensure that your new carpet is installed in a clean, precise and tidy way. There would be no mismatches, no awkward spaces anywhere. Our professional carpet installation team has been carefully selected to provide the best services at all times. We guarantee complete satisfaction to our clients because we are confident of the services that we provide.

Expect Professionalism
Cleaning and Restoration Pros carpet installation team is completely professional and we would handle your installation needs as per your specifications. We inform you of the techniques that we use for carpet installation and use some of the latest tools and techniques. We also pay attention to the accessories and the furniture of your home and office for better installations. The quality of service we provide will always exceed your expectations.

The Best Services at all Times

Our carpet installation services are of the highest quality. We measure the area or the room where the installation has to be done carefully and discuss the specifics with you like the estimated time for the job, the time and the date for the installation and we ensure timely delivery of services. We also take care of some of the tiniest details like the where the seams have to be located, the specifics of the carpet design, your needs and others. Details like who would remove your existing carpet and dispose it would be discussed with you. we inspect the area and the new carpet thoroughly before carpet installation to ensure that it meets the style, texture and color specifications provided by you. for wall to wall installations, we ensure that we provide superior seam sealing so that there would not be any problems for you to handle later on.

Timely Delivery of Services

Quite a lot of carpet installation companies today are not professionals, unlike us. When we take on a project, we promise good quality services and timely delivery. Once we provide you a job completion time, we do our best to ensure that the job is done within that time. We never delay the job since we are aware that time is precious for our clients. Our carpet installation team ensures that the job is done in an efficient and professional manner. There would be no quality related issues since we ensure that the job is done right the first time itself.

If you are planning to purchase a new carpet and are looking for carpet installation services, contact Cleaning and Restoration Pros. We would be glad to help you with everything you need. We would provide you a free consultation and a quote as well as help you pick out the right carpet or flooring that would be suitable for your home as well as budget.

Carpet Repair

People purchase carpets for their homes in hopes that it would last them for several decades. While this is possible with maintenance and care, accidents can always occur. Carpet repair is an essential part of maintenance since stains and spills are common in homes which can be taken care of easily if they are mopped up immediately. For other types of damages, carpet repairing services are the only alternative.

Contact Our Carpet Repair Specialists

Cleaning and Restoration Pros carpet repair specialists are skilled to handle all types of carpet damages. They can make your carpet look new and fresh and all signs of damage disappear. However, it would be important for you to keep an eye on your carpet so that the damages would be spotted as soon as possible. The earlier you contact our carpet repair specialists, the easier it would be for us to handle these damages. Damages in carpets can be easily handled and taken care of at the earliest if you are careful enough to ensure that you contact a professional company soon. Purchasing a new carpet can be quite expensive and this can be avoided for a long time with the help of our carpet repair services.

The life of your carpet can be prolonged with our carpet repair services. You would be able to save a considerable sum of money since new carpets these days are not inexpensive in any way at all. We would be glad to visit your home or your office to survey the damage and to determine what type of carpet repair services you would need. Once we survey the damage, we would be able to provide you a quote for the carpet repair services.

Our Specialists are Well-trained
Cleaning and Restoration Pros carpet repair specialists are trained to work on different types of carpets and for various degrees of carpet damage. No matter what type of carpet you own or what the damage is, we assure you that our team would be able to handle it. You should know that at times it just might not be able to repair the carpet. This is possible because of various reasons like the materials from which the carpet has been made are not available etc. In cases like these, we can preserve your carpet to make sure that no further damage would be done so that you can keep using your carpet for as long as you can.

With our knowledge and experience in carpet repairing, we would know just how to repair the damage on time. Your carpet would be looking like it had when you had just bought it in no time at all. Carpet repair is actually an art which only a few have been able to specialize in. Allow our specialists’ trained hands to work on the damage on your carpet and they would be able to fix just about any type of damage, even the ones which might not be visible to naked eyes. Our carpet repair services are quite affordable and our services are high quality since Cleaning and Restoration Pros knows that our clients are always looking for professionals who know just how to do the job right.

Carpet Re-stretching

Carpet re-stretching is normally required in two situations- when you initially install the carpet and for repairing it. During the initial carpet stretch, the carpet would be stretched to ensure that it is secure and tight and even all across the floor. A tight carpet would stay smooth and in place like it should. However, over time the carpet would buckle or ripple and that is when carpet re-stretching would be required.

What Would Cause Buckling OR Rippling in the Carpet?
Carpet re-stretching would be required if the carpet has been installed poorly. A bad installation would mean that you would require carpet re-stretching sooner than you should. If a power stretcher is not used at all or has not been used properly, then you would need carpet re-stretching. If there has been excessive wear and tear due to heavy foot traffic, then there would be a need for carpet re-stretching. Even though it might have been perfectly installed, it can get loose over time due to excessive wear.

Carpet re-stretching might also be needed due to heavy furniture sliding. When heavy furniture is slid across the carpet, it will cause ripples in the carpet. Over time, the latex which is use to hold the backing together might also deteriorate. The carpet would lose the grip on the floor and you would need carpet re-stretching. Also, if improper padding has been used for the carpet, the carpet would buckle. Specific padding would be used for specific carpet types. If this is the case with your carpet, then carpet re-stretching would be needed.

Our Carpet Re-stretching Services are Highly Efficient

If you have been facing problems with a lose carpet, then there are chances that somebody in your home might trip on it and get hurt. However, with our carpet re-stretching, this can be entirely avoided. Also, as the carpet starts loosening up, it would wear faster. The ripples would also grow over time which makes it necessary for you to get carpet re-stretching done at the earliest. The buckles and the ripples in your carpet can be fixed by us and there would not be any problems for you at all. We would pull the carpet up from one of the edges or more if required, do carpet re-stretching and then lay it down after cutting it to make it the right length. It would then be tucked into place at the edges. This is an essential type of carpet repair which becomes necessary over time.

Specific Tools and Skills

Carpet re-stretching requires specific tools and special skill. A professional company like ours would have the right tools for the job. We use some of the best, most highly advanced tools to handle the job so that your carpet would be efficiently stretched. Renting these tools is not just a difficult job but also quite expensive which is why most homeowners decide to let Cleaning and Restoration Pros handle their carpet re-stretching needs. This is a cost efficient way of carpet re-stretching.

Carpet Pad Replacement

The carpets that we use today at homes require the use of special padding, which was not the case earlier. Each carpet today comes with the manufacturer’s guidelines on what type of padding to use in order to make it last longer. However, over time as the carpet gets older, carpet pad replacement would be necessary. Proper carpet pad replacement can actually increase the life of your carpet. Cleaning and Restoration Pros has a high level of understanding about what carpet pad replacement entails and about what type of padding should be used with what type of carpet. With the correct padding, a lot of carpet related problems can be avoided.

Types of Padding that We Use for Carpet Pad Replacement

Cleaning and Restoration Pros use a wide range of padding for carpet pad replacement, depending on the needs of your carpet. Waffle rubber padding is quite often used improperly. Since most of the carpets today are plastic backed, padding which is less than 90 ounces would be too soft to work well.

Foam Padding
We also use foam padding for carpet pad replacement, if the traffic in your home is not heavy. For homes with heavier traffic, we do not use foam padding.


Our carpet pad replacement often makes use of re-bond. Padding made from this material is available in various densities and thicknesses. It is often used by the floor covering industry and by furniture companies. For heavy traffic homes, we use thicker padding for carpet pad replacement. We follow the guidelines given by the Carpet and Rug Institute when we take on any job for carpet pad replacement to ensure that we select the right type of padding and also the right density of padding for the carpet.

Slab Rubber and Fiber

For other needs for carpet pad replacement, we use fiber and slab rubber padding. Slab rubber padding works well for long life since it does not contain any air ripples. It will resist furniture indentation for a very long time and thus, we use this type of padding for our carpet pad replacement the most. At times we also use fiber pad when our clients want to restrict the movement in one area of the carpet. We are quite careful about the density of fiber pad that we use.

The Ultimate Services in Carpet Pad Replacement

Our carpet pad replacement services are just as special as your carpets. With a wide range of carpet padding that we use, it is possible to find just the right padding for your carpet. If you have a special Berber carpet, we have a special Berber pad for you. We also have frothed foam pad which is considered to be the ultimate choice in carpet pad replacement. This is an extreme durable and a very dense pad and is suitable for use in all carpets. We also consider special circumstances under which certain other special types of padding might be required. Contact Cleaning and Restoration Pros carpet pad replacement company today to get a free quote.

Carpet Maintenance

While Cleaning and Restoration Pros is always here to help you out with any of your carpet problems and repairing needs, a regular carpet maintenance program at home can also ensure that you eliminate most of the problems at home. Carpet maintenance will extend the life of your carpet and it will make sure that your carpet looks beautiful and new. You would have to provide even more attention to rooms and areas with higher traffic. Without a proper carpet maintenance and cleaning program, you would have to replace the carpet sooner than it is necessary. Given below are a few carpet maintenance tips that will definitely increase the lifespan of your carpet.

Place Mats at the Entrance

An important part of your carpet maintenance program would be to use mats. Place these mats at the entrance of all your rooms so that they would absorb all the moisture and soil. Ensure that these are also cleaned at a regular basis. These would be quite helpful during bad weather. Keep these mats at the entrances of all the areas and spaces where you might have a carpet or rugs. This is a simple but a very effective way of carpet maintenance.

Sprouting, Shedding and Fluffing

Another important part of carpet maintenance is to take care of the loose fibers or fluff balls that might emerge on your carpets. Normally this is not a concern for alarm at all. If you vacuum properly with a good quality vacuum cleaner, the shedding cause for the carpet would disappear on your own. Remove the loose fibers from the carpet so that no further damage would be caused. You might even notice yarn tufts sprouting over the pile surface. Just snip these tufts off with scissors and make them level with the carpet. Never pull these out. If you think that is a consistent problem, contact a professional to deal with this problem. If you follow these carpet maintenance tips, then there would not be any serious problems.

Use High Quality Padding and Do Not Move Heavy Furniture Pieces Often

Another important tip for carpet maintenance is to use high quality and sturdy carpet padding. Also, do not move your heavy furniture pieces across the carpet too often. You can also place coasters under the couches, chairs, tables and other furniture pieces so that the weight would be evenly distributed and the pile would not be crushed.

Maintaining the Area Rugs
If you use area rugs along with the carpet, then a part of your carpet maintenance would be to make sure that these rugs are kept clean. Ensure that these area rugs are not discolored and if you find them fading, you can contact us and we would handle the problem for you. You will also have to ensure that these rugs would not bleed their colors through your carpet. Carpet maintenance would also involve protecting your carpets from direct sunlight since it might cause discoloration. Use curtains, blinds or drapes to avoid excessive sunlight.

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